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Raku Firing - Horizon Line

The inspiration

Travelling in Central Australia from SA to Darwin, I found myself mesmerised by the vastness of the land and the straight line of the horizon, as I am sure many others have before me.

The colours of the sky and the earth change during the course of a day, but he red tones of the earth and vivid blue of the sky are compelling.

Having experienced this daily presentation of complex hues and textures, my reaction is to create a clay form that represents my feelings about this large area of land.

The form

The form is a simple thrown pot with a narrow base swelling out to a larger rim.

The glazes and method of application have been refined in time, there have been many adjustments to the glaze recipes and the glaze application is a complicated process.


The making

Raku firing creates the depth and richness of the surface.  The forms are lifted while still red hot, from the kiln using long tongs and immediately placed in a metal bin containing sawdust. The post firing reduction transforms the glazes and an intricacy of surface colours are created when the flame flicks over the walls of the form. This process can only be controlled to a certain extent. There are often pleasing surprises and also disappointments.

Raku firing is something I look forward to in Autumn as the weather cools.  A cold weather activity to create a form that describes the heat of the interior, licked by flame and blackened by smoke.

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